to the Javelin Success Course in Emotional Intelligence.

This is the first of the Javelin Success online courses and comprises 6 modules with over 50 lessons and approximately 15 hours of learning.  

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What will you learn?

In short, you will learn...

  • What emotional intelligence actually is

  • The characteristics of high emotional intelligence

  • Recognition of how emotional triggers manifest in you

  • How EI helps our mental health and wellbeing

  • How EI helps us in our relationships with others

  • How to identify, measure, develop and use your Emotional Intelligence

  • How EI relates to professional leadership competencies

  • What we mean by empathy, motivation and social skills

  • Conflict management

How will this course benefit you?


  • You will be better equipped to deal with your own emotions and those of others

  • Better relationships at work and home

  • Foreseeing relationship issues before they arise

  • Better communication and interaction with others

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Reduced conflict in the workplace

  • Better mental health

  • Knowing how to increase your EQ

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome, Introduction, Course Modules

  • 2

    Module One: Brief History of EI & The Emotional Brain.

  • 3

    Module Two: Characteristics of EI

    • Welcome to Module 2: Introduction to The Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence

    • 2.1 Emotional Intelligence as part of Multiple Intelligences

    • 2.2 The Five Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence

    • 2.3 Self-Awareness - 'Know Thyself!'

    • 2.4 Self-Regulation

    • 2.5 Motivation

    • 2.6 Empathy

    • 2.7 Social Skills

    • 2.8 QUIZ: MODULE TWO

    • 2.9 Reflection/Portfolio - Module 2

  • 4

    Module Three: Emotional Intelligence Applied (1)

    • 3.1 Emotional Intelligence Applied

    • 3.2 Emotional Intelligence Applied: The Four Primary Emotions

    • 3.3 Emotional Intelligence and our Behaviour - Confidence

    • 3.4 Emotional Intelligence and Confidence.

    • 3.5 Quiz - Module Three

    • 3.6 Reflection - Module 3

  • 5

    Module Four: Emotional Intelligence Applied(2): Wellbeing

  • 6

    Module Five: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

    • 5.1 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Why is it so important?

    • 5.2 Emotional Intelligence at work

    • 5.3 Modelling Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

    • 5.4 Quiz: Module Five

    • 5. 5 Reflection/Portfolio - Module 5

  • 7

    Module Six: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

    • 6.1 What makes an emotionally intelligent leader?

    • 6.2 The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: Characteristics

    • 6.3. The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: Managing ourselves and others.

    • 6.4 What is Emotional Resonance?

    • 6.5 Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style

    • 6.6 Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management

    • 6.7 Emotional Agility: What is it and how can we develop it?

    • 6.8 Emotional Intelligence and Servant Leadership

    • 6.9 Quiz: Module 6

    • 6.10 Final Reflection/Portfolio

    • Your Personal EQ Growth Plan

  • 8


    • Final Assessment Instructions


  • 9

    Portfolio Submission

    • Portfolio and Growth Plan Submission

  • 10


    • Congratulations

  • 11

    References and Resources

    • References and Resources

Special Features

The course has many features that make it desirable for the online learner.

Special Features!


  • You can work at your own pace and in your own time. You aren’t tied to attending a weekly class. You can gradually build on your learning. Also you can have contact with the trainer for anything you are not sure about.


  • Videos, audios, activities to help you implement the learning. PowerPoints, reflections, quizzes, graphics, pdfs, references, resources and other documentation are all included.


  • You will also receive the Javelin Success Certificate in Emotional Intelligence on completion of the final assessment and portfolio. This certificate could be used as a measure of your Continued Professional Development (CPD)


  • The 30-page Javelin Success Workbook in Emotional Intelligence has been provided to help you throughout the course and to enable you to have all your reflections in one place to make it easier to write your final portfolio!

Workbook image

Snapshots of the course

Snapshot of page from Wellbeing ModuleThe Emotional Brain Module

Social Skills Lesson